Huge trains at the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum

On a recent food venture to Boulder City to try The Chicken Shack we decided to stop in at the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum to take a train ride. Luckily we arrived just minutes before the departure and were able to hop on a train right away

Southern Nevada Railroad Museum Tickets

Where It’s Located

The Southern Nevada Railroad Museum made our list of 16 Things You Didn’t Know You Could do in Las Vegas. It’s just a short ride from Las Vegas and you can stop in while making your way to Hoover Dam.

All Aboard the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum

The Train Ride

We recommend the open air cart as long as it’s not too hot. The open air cart has open windows so you can let the wind hit your face and peer out on the scenery. The train ride is a little short but it’s fun. If you have little ones there is also a cart just for the kids. They do story time and arts and crafts projects.

Huge trains at the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum

Railroad Museum

There is also a very small museum. You get to walk through several carts and see how passengers lived and how mail was sorted and delivered. It’s an awesome history lesson into trains.

Luxury Train Cart at the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum

Southern Nevada Railroad Museum Mail Cart

There were several conductors and enthusiasts on board during our ride so we got to ask lots of questions about the museum and the history. You can find out more about the Southern Nevada Railroad Museum by visiting their website at We were also told that they were in the process of adding more tracks so the train ride would actually be longer. Hopefully we will see that in the future!


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