Is Victoria & Albert's Worth the Price?

Victoria & Albert’s inside the Grand Floridian in Disney World is the most expensive restaurant on the entire property and for good reason but is Victoria & Albert’s worth the hefty price? Thus far it’s been our most expensive meal EVER. Here is our review.

If you didn’t know already we’re foodies. We love food and we we often take trips solely based on food. Disney World is no different. We often go during Food and Wine Festival where we can sample all of the tasty goodness around Epcot World Showcase. So Victoria & Albert’s is a must-do on our Disney World vacation checklist.

We’ve had the pleasure of eating at Victoria & Albert’s twice. Both times have been a phenomenal experience. The restaurant is very exclusive with only a small amount of tables. Reservations should be made as early as possible. We’re still trying to get a reservation for the chef’s table, maybe one day!

This is ultra-fine dining. Victoria & Albert’s does not allow children under 10 years old so the restaurant is generally nice and quiet. They also have a live harp player in the dining room which adds to the ambiance. The walls are covered in fancy wallpaper and expensive looking trim and moldings.

Victoria and Alberts Disney World Dining Price

The staff is very friendly and accommodating. A strict dress code is enforced and jackets are required for men. One year we accidentally left ours at home! Luckily the restaurant had some loaners to lend us. The staff was very nice about it even though we were a little embarrassed. The second time we went they even remembered us from the previous year. Both times we were served by different married couples which we thought was adorable.

The standard dining room (cheapest option) is a 7 course meal with a menu that changes nightly. You can also purchase wine pairings to go with each course. Breads and butters made on the property are served in between dishes. In addition to the pre-fix menu, there are optional dishes that you can order instead for an up charge. The restaurant is very accommodating to dietary restrictions and will call you in advance to ask if your party has any.

Victoria and Alberts Special Occassion Meal in Disney World

The food is spectacular. That should go without saying. You don’t get hundreds of 5 star ratings on Yelp and Trip Advisor without amazing food. The plating alone is a work of art. You’ll have a hard time wanting to eat each dish because of how beautiful it is.

A couple of tips for Victoria & Albert’s

  • Valet parking is free when you’re eating here
  • Ice cubes in the tea are made of tea instead of water
  • The water menu is full of different waters from around the world
  • The wine pairing is fabulous and might not seem like very much but you will be very buzzed by the end of the meal. We barely remembered the desert the first time around. Thank goodness for pictures.
  • Say yes to the coffee at the end of the meal. The coffee is made in a cona coffee maker which is like a fun science experiment
  • They’ll give you a delicious bread to take home with you at the end of the meal.

Victoria and Alberts Disney Foodie Review

Is Victoria & Albert’s Worth it?

So to answer the question is Victoria & Albert’s Restaurant worth the price? It completely depends on your own preferences. If you value food and dining experiences then yes, it’s absolutely worth the price. It’s the perfect place for a special occasion or once-in-a-lifetime dinner.



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