The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas for Visitors

The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas is a must visit if you love nature and want to explore the history of Las Vegas. Here you will find a wide range of attractions including the Nevada state museum, origen museum, lush botanical gardens and nature trails.

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Things to Do in Las Vegas Visit the Springs Preserve

We’ve had the pleasure of visiting the preserve a few times. They have a rotating exhibit that we always like to check out every time it changes. It is a great family-friendly Las Vegas destination.

For food, the Divine Cafe is wonderful. The food is actually pretty good and it overlooks the preserve making it a wonderful place to have lunch. Try Thursdays for happy hour between 4:00 and 8:00. The menu changes from time to time and drinks start at just $2.

The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas for Visitors

Plan to spend several hours at the preserve. There is a load of things to do at the Springs Preserve. Some of the attractions are outside so if you’re visiting during the Summer make sure you bring plenty of water and sun protection.

Things to Do at the Springs Preserve

Art Museum – The art exhibit changes from time to time and focuses on local artists.

Wildlife Exhibit – Our favorites are the gray fox and the pocket gopher

Botanical Gardens – They have guided tours of the gardens on Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 and 12:30

Origen Museum – Discover the rich history behind the preserve

Mammoth at the Springs Preserve Las Vegas Nevada State Museum

Nevada State Museum – A nice museum where you can learn about Nevada’s mining history and see some of the prehistoric animals that used to call this place home.

Traveling Exhibit – The traveling exhibit changes every couple of months so be sure to check it out during your visit

Boomtown 1905 – Authentic Las Vegas homes circa 1905!

Wildlife Zoo Exhibit in Las Vegas

Flash Flood Exhibit – Experience a desert flash flood

Educational Classes – Check out the calendar at Springs Preserve to see the full list of classes

Cooking Classes – The cooking classes are usually held at night and you can learn from professional chefs

Divine Cafe – Good food and a view, what more could you ask for?

DesertSol – Sustainable living house, it’s cute, adorable and it runs off of solar power

Nature Trails – Take a walk through the trails or rent a bike if you want

Train Ride – There is a 20 minute train ride that goes through the desert trails and offers a nice history of the preserve during the tour

Things to do In Las Vegas for Nature Lovers

Butterfly Habitat (seasonal) – If you are visiting during the Spring or Fall do not miss the awesome butterfly habitat

Teaching Garden, Workshops and Classes – On our last visit, the staff said the teaching garden would be opening soon but you can also check out the gardening workshops and classes that the Springs Preserve currently has

Waterworks (coming soon)

There’s plenty more to do at the Springs Preserve in Las Vegas but these are just some of our favorite attractions. Have you been to the Springs Preserve? What was your favorite part? Let us know in the comments down below.



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