How we Spent One day in Houston

Oh Houston, you’re so humid and hot but I love you. On a recent trip we got to spend one day in Houston. Here’s what we did with one day in Houston and what you should do too if you find yourself here during a road trip or layover.

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How to Spend One Day in Houston Texas

Houston is a huge city. By no means should you CHOOSE to visit Houston for just one day. Because of the flights we choose for our most recent trip we had only one day to spend in the city. After a red-eye flight we picked up a rental car and decided to spend just one day exploring this huge city. Here’s how we spent one day in Houston.

Houston Museum of Natural Science

One day in Houston at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston is a city with a lot of museums. It’s a culture filled city where you can find good food, decent art exhibits and lots of museums. Since we were limited on time and we wanted to get in as much as possible we decided to visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science. HMNS actually took up more time than we anticipated but it was worth it. Make sure you check out the planetarium, it’s amazing. If you have more time, Space Center Houston is an awesome place to visit as well.

Houston Zoo

One day in Houston Visiting the Houston Zoo

Garrett is a huge red panda fan and when we found out that the Houston Zoo was home to red pandas we knew we had to stop in for a visit. The Houston Zoo is huge and you could easily spend all day there. We were good and worn out by the time we got out of there. It is really close to the HMNS so you could do both in a day but you do have to rush a bit.

Killen’s Barbeque

Food to Eat in Houston Killens Barbeque

Barbeque is a staple in the South and we heard that Killen’s was the best so we ventured out a bit to try it. It was salty, meaty, deliciousness and we’re glad we made it out. Houston is full of some fantastic restaurants but we just felt like we’d eat something truly Southern while in Texas.

Have you had the pleasure of visiting Houston for a day? Where did you go and what did you eat? Tell us all about your favorite Houston places and eats in the comments down below.


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