Best Things to Do After a Disney Vacation

It never fails, after every Disney vacation, we feel a little sad when we get back home. We call them the Disney blues. If you feel a little sad after a Disney theme park vacation we’re here to help. We’ve had to deal with the post-Disney theme park blues many times. Here are our favorite ways to beat the Disney theme park blues.

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How to Get over the Post-Disney Theme Park Blues

Listen to some Disney Music

As I write this, I’m listing to Under the Sea from the Little Mermaid. Listening to a little Disney music always makes me feel better. Before you know it, you’ll be singing and jamming along with the songs.

You can also listen to the park music on YouTube but that usually makes me miss the parks a little more. Just put your favorite Disney music on in the background while you work or clean. It helps, I promise.

Learn to Cook your Favorite Disney Dishes

Learn to Cook Disney Food

Food is one of my fondest memories of Disney and I love bringing that home. It always helps me to have some of those theme park comforts at home so I always try to make one of the Disney foods at home. It can be a pineapple whip or lobster nachos. Disney cooking is sure to help you get over the Disney blues by bringing a little bit of Disney home.

Plan your next Disney-cation

Planning ahead can really help with the post-Disney blues because it gives you something to look forward to. If you’re not into planning that far ahead, you can also start a little savings account for your next vacation. Set up some automatic deposits and you’ll be on your way to another vacation before you know it.

Do Some Memory Keeping

Get Over the Post-Disney Theme Park Blues
Going through photos and videos from a Disney vacation will help you focus on something. Plus, you’ll have a little keepsake afterwards.

There are so many memory keeping things you can do: edit the videos into a home movie, get large poster prints of your favorite photos or make a photo book. We love FreePrints photobooks and you can get one free book every month. They are easy to make right in the app and who doesn’t love free things.

Watch a Disney Movie (or two, we won’t judge)

My two favorite Disney movies to watch after a Disney theme park vacation are Mulan and Lilo and Stitch. Why these two movies? Mulan, because I love a good hero movie. Mulan always inspires me to be brave and adventurous. Lilo and Stitch just warms my heart with an awesome friendship (one of the best in the Disney universe).

I often think of Disney theme park vacations when I need a happy memory to focus on. So the Disney blues hit hard at the end of every vacation. I like to get over my theme park blues by indulging in all things Disney because it makes me happy.


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