How to Fly to Orlando for Cheap

Ah Orlando, the great mecca of theme parks. If you’re a theme park lover chances are that you’ve been to Orlando, Florida at least once in your life. Maybe you are lucky enough to live in Florida or a short drive away but for us West coasters we usually resort to flying to Orlando. But how do you fly to Orlando on the cheap? Here are our tips for finding a cheap fare so you have more spending money to enjoy the theme parks in Orlando.

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Cheap Flights to Orlando

Check Your Airline Miles and Credit Card Rewards

If you travel a lot or have a rewards credit card you might be able to get your flight to Orlando for FREE. Depending on the airline, time you travel and how many miles you’ve racked up your flight could be already paid for. If you don’t already have a travel rewards credit card, consider signing up for one. There are so many great offers out there and they usually give you TONS of bonus miles after making your first few purchases.

How to Turn on Google Fare Alert Emails

Sign up for Google Flight Alerts

If you know when you’re traveling, Google can send you fare updates when the price of a flight changes. Just go to Google Flights and input your destination and travel dates. Google Flights will show you fares for just about every airline except Southwest and show you which dates are the cheapest for flying. Just slide the notification bar to on and you’re all set to receive fare updates via email. Some other flight search engines to check are Skyscanner, AirFare Watchdog and JetRadar.

Book a Vacation Package

Some of the best deals for a flight can come from a vacation package. Lots and lots of hotels, airlines, retailers and even Disney offer them. I usually check Expedia, Southwest Airlines and Costco Travel. I have found some of the best deals through one of those three travel sites. You can also contact a travel agent to help search out the very best package deal.

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Check Budget Airlines

The “low cost” airlines you want to check are going to be Spirit, Allegiant and Frontier. These airlines are usually much, much cheaper than the big name airlines. Keep in mind though, they don’t fly to and from every city. Also, they charge for seat upgrades and bags so the ticket can get expensive. These are great airlines to choose if you travel light and don’t mind sitting near the bathroom.

Enjoy Theme Park Bliss

With these tips you’ll be on your way to theme park bliss in no time. Vacationing should be a fun experience and not cost tons of money. Spend that hard earned cash on another experience that isn’t flying to your destination.


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