Tips for Finding The Best Food On a Road Trip

We love road trips and we love food. On any road trip, you’re bound to get hungry and 7-11 microwavable burritos just won’t cut it. I mean, who wants to sit in the car for several hours after eating one of those. Not me. We often drive out of our way for good food and road trips are no different. These are our tips for finding the best road trip foods around.

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How to Find the Best Food When on a Road Trip


This one is our go to for finding a good meal. You can browse, menus, hours, prices, food pics and real user reviews before deciding if it’s the right choice. Craving something specific like biscuits and gravy or shrimp tacos. Yea, you can type that into the search and see reviews for places that mention those things specifically. If you’re worried about fake reviews try running the URL through Fake Spot. Fake Spot will analyse the reviews and determine if they’re fake or legit.

Ask a Local

Locals know a lot about their area. They can recommend things to do and places to eat. If you want to find the best down home local spot always ask one!


If you’re looking for something unique and “Instagram-able” definitely check out those hashtags for the local city you are in or travelling to. Try #CityNameEats, #CityNameFood or #CityNameFoodie. Instagram will provide you with a nice mosaic of delicious looking food right where you are looking.

Use a Road Trip App like RoadTrippers

RoadTrippers is a really useful tool for planning and mapping out your road trip. It has several built-in features for finding hotels, attractions and food that are along your route. They also have user reviews so you can see what others thought before making your choice.

Keep a Food Bucket List from Only in Your State

We’ve followed Only In Your State for a while now. This website offers several lists, guides and hidden gems that road trippers like us live for.  The lists are great because they’re not just centralised around the major cities. They include several small cities as well. When we’re planning on visiting a new state we often check this website to see what restaurants, foods and attractions they have featured. We’ll keep a bucket list of all the ones we want to visit and we will usually plan our road trip around them.

With these tips you (and your stomach) will be very happy on your next road trip. Have a tip we forgot? Let us know in the comments down below. How do you find the best road trip eats?


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