Beach Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

Nothing says Summer vacation like a trip to the beach. We try to take one every year and every year we up our beach game with the newest beach accessories to make life easier. These awesome beach accessories are must haves for your next beach getaway.

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Awesome beach accessories you didn't know you needed and What to Pack for a Perfect Beach Vacation

Waterproof Bag + Phone Case

I don’t like leaving cash or expensive things on the beach. It’s just too easy to grab someone’s stuff and walk away so I like to keep my most important things with me. This is why a waterproof bag and phone case is a necessity.

The waterproof bag is perfect for holding your cash, credit cards, car keys and anything else you don’t want to leave on the beach but you don’t want to get wet. It is basically like a little waterproof fanny pack that you can take with you into the water. These things are especially amazing at waterparks because you don’t have to bother with a locker.

Waterproof phone cases have been around for a while but they’ve come a long way. Most phones can still be used with the waterproof case so you can take your phone into the water and get some awesome water shots.

Towel Anchors and Clips

Never fuss with your beach towel again. Towel anchors and clips keep your towel in place all the time. Towel anchors are used on the beach. You clip one side to your towel and push the other end into the sand. Towel clips are used to keep your towels in place on beach chairs. Ever had your towel blow away with a gust of wind? Not anymore you won’t.

SPF Shirt

As I get older I realize how much damage the sun can do to a one’s skin. I burn very easily. That’s why I whole heartedly believe in SPF swim shirts especially for kids and little ones. A good SPF shirt will protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

SPF/UV swim shirts or rash guards come in different sleeve lengths, colors and styles so you can definitely find one that suits your style and tastes. Surprisingly they can actually help to keep you cool so don’t worry about being too hot in them.

Water Shoes

If you are only visiting the beach you might not need a pair of water shoes but water shoes are great at water parks and on boats. A good water shoe will be built like a tennis shoe and you can wear them in the water or right after you get out of the water. They generally dry fast and are comfortable to walk around in.

Drink Holders

A true beach lovers dream! You can press a drink holder right into the sand and it does exactly what the name suggests. No more drinks falling over and spilling with these little wonders.

Sun Screen and Aloe Vera

Sun screen, of course you’ll be taking sun screen on your beach getaway but what about aloe vera? Aloe vera is my little miracle green gel. I always take some on vacation especially if there is a chance I might get too much sun. Aloe vera will help with even the smallest of sun burns to help them feel better quicker and heal faster.

What is your favorite beach accessory to take with you on vacation? Let us know in the comments down below.


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