If you’ve ever traveled across a time zone, chances are you have experienced jet lag. Jet lag can quickly turn your weekend vacation into a weekend of exhaustion and fatigue. Here are 5 ways to beat jet lag for your next trip.

How to fix jet lag. 5 Tips to help you beat jet lag for your next vacation.

Why do we experience jet lag?

Our bodies are really works of art. They are naturally programmed to eat, sleep and wake up at certain times of the day. When we travel through different time zones we wreak havoc on our natural body clocks. Jet lag effects everyone differently but it can cause extreme fatigue, sleeping problems and eating issues.

Jet lag can last a day or more depending on how many time zones you travel through and your own personal body. Everyone is different and will experience jet lag differently.

Jet lag tips for your next flight.

How to beat jet lag

With a little bit of preparation you can beat jet lag and be ready to go as soon as you arrive in your new time zone. Some of these jet lag tips take preparation before you take off to your destination but the preparation will go a long way in the end.

1. Get a good night’s sleep

Many travelers get on a flight with only a few hours of sleep. It could be excitement or procrastination but do yourself a favor and go to bed early. You should always try to get a full night of rest before a flight. Getting a good night’s sleep will equip you to deal with the jet lag you will feel later.

2. Try to arrive during the day

Whenever possible try to arrive at your destination during the day when the sun is out. This tip is two-fold: your body will want to stay awake when hit by sunlight and if the sun is still shining you’ll be more prepared for going out and exploring thus wearing your body out so it will be ready for rest when the sun sets.

How to get over jet lag on your next vacation.

3. Skip the alcohol

It is tempting to get a pre-flight cocktail while waiting in the terminal and maybe another one once boarded but it will cause sleepiness. Alcohol also has the awful side effect of causing dehydration which can increase the side effects of jet lag.

4. Eat right, keep moving and keep your regular schedule

If nothing else, keep your first day as close to your normal schedule as possible. If you usually work out and eat a balanced breakfast, keep doing the same. This will help your body adjust your internal body clock.

5. Take jet lag prevention

Yep, there are actually pills to help with jet lag. These are inexpensive and handy. Always keep some in your carry on bag. They will help ease the transition between time zones and may even eliminate some of the symptoms.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, turn off all the lights and make the room as dark as possible. Try 5 minutes of meditation and deep breathing exercises You can also take melatonin to help relax and get your body into sleep mode.

Now that you know how to beat jet lag with these jet lag tips you are ready for your next adventure. Where are you going to go next?


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