Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Family Cruise

Cruising is so much fun and it’s even better with family. We have taken cruises with our extended families including in-laws and have loved it. Let me tell you why taking a family cruise is the best way to cruise with these 5 Reasons to take a family cruise.

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5 Awesome Reasons to Take a Family Cruise

Group Booking Discounts

If you’re booking a cruise with multiple rooms and multiple families you can look forward to some nice group booking discounts. Some cruise lines even let some members of your party cruise for free with this discount. Cha-ching! Who doesn’t love saving money on a vacation? Group booking discounts are usually available to groups of 15 or more but often vary by cruise line so check with your cruise line or travel agent for specifics.

There is Something for Everyone

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take a Family Cruise

There is so much to do on board a cruise ship and everyone can find something they like to do. This includes the kids. So while the kids are playing in the arcade, the adults can enjoy a cocktail or two at the bar.

Family Photos

I find it really hard to get my entire family together for a family picture. We usually resort to taking some quick selfie-style snapshots on major holidays like Christmas. But on a cruise you have formal nights where everyone gets dressed in their finest attire and there are photographers everywhere. Have you been wanting one of those fancy family photos but have a hard time getting them? A family cruise is a perfect place to force everyone together for a nice, formal style portrait.

Food is Included

Food on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Probably one of the best parts of a cruise is that the food is included in the price. So you don’t have to budget for that like you would when planning another vacation. Having food included in the price takes some of the stress away from vacation planning and it’s great with kids. Sometimes they want to eat a lot and sometimes they don’t, with a cruise, I don’t really have to worry about it.

Making Memories is the Best Kind of Therapy

Let the Sea Set You Free Motivational Ocean Sea Sunset Quote

Let’s be real here, the best reason to take a family cruise is because you are going to make lasting memories with the people that matter the most to you. And that’s what is important in life. Families can be dysfunctional and down right annoying sometimes but getting everyone together for a fun, family vacation is the best kind of therapy. So get out there with that great big, goofy family of yours and make some memories along the way.


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