5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Iceland This Year

Iceland is an amazing vacation destination. It really is a beautiful country with a lot of culture and food to offer. We have 5 amazing reasons to visit Iceland that we’d like to share.

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5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Iceland

Aurora Borealis

5 Amazing Reasons why Iceland should be your next vacation destination

Every year thousands of people make their way to Iceland to see the Northern Lights. Iceland is one of the best places in the world to witness them. There are several tours you can sign up for around Iceland but they’re not hard to find yourself if you have a car. You will have the best chances of seeing them on a clear night from September to April.


Iceland is one of the safest countries in the world. There is practically no crime in Iceland and no more than 150 prisoners at any given time. Welcome to one of the safest countries on Earth. It’s like visiting Mr Roger’s neighbourhood.

Unbelievable Landscapes

If you love nature, landscapes and scenery you MUST visit Iceland. Iceland is home to some of the most breathtaking and jaw-dropping landscapes. Volcanos, waterfalls, mountains and more await you.

24 Hour Daylight

If an Icelandic Winter is not your fancy, try visiting the beautiful country in the Summer. You will have endless hours of sunlight which means more time for exploring this beautiful country.


5 Amazing Reasons to Visit Iceland This Year

Iceland is home to wide variety of animals that are unique to the country. The waters surrounding the island are home to twenty species of whales. Seeing a whale is pretty much guaranteed if you get out on to the water. If you visit Iceland be on the lookout for reindeer, Icelandic horses, arctic foxes and puffins.

If these 5 amazing reasons to visit Iceland haven’t convinced you to book a plane ticket NOW, I don’t know what will. Have you visited Iceland before? What was your favourite thing?


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