Road trips aren’t for everyone. Some people just can’t stand being in the car for long periods of time and driving. It took one good road trip for me to convince Garrett that road trips were awesome. We traveled 3 states in 3 days and made it into the ultimate Las Vegas road trip.

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3 States in 3 Days The Ultimate Las Vegas Road Trip

Las Vegas is an interesting place to live. It’s unique. The weather is often a little too hot and the people are constantly changing but we love it here because there is always something to do. But sometimes you just gotta spread your wings and fly, know what I’m saying? So every few months we take a nice road trip. California, Utah and Arizona are all near by and wonderful states to travel to.

Route for Visiting Zion National Park from Las Vegas

We started this road trip without a plan. Those are the best kinds right? We loaded up the dogs into the car on Friday morning and were back home by Sunday evening. We got to see Zion National Park and The Grand Canyon in 3 days. Talk about a great weekend road trip from Vegas right?

Road Trip from Las Vegas Day 1

Day 1 we started in Las Vegas and drove up through Utah. Our first stop was St. George, Utah where we got out to stretch and went for a little hike. The drive from Las Vegas to St. George is pretty short so it’s a good place to take a break if you need to.

Hiking and Road Trip Through St George Utah

Once you’ve gotten your fill of St. George (it’s not a huge city) start the drive up to Zion National Park. Zion is huge and you could easily spend days here. We definitely encourage it if you have the time. Since we only had the weekend we spent the afternoon and some of the evening sightseeing around the park.

Since our trip was unplanned we didn’t have a hotel room and all of the hotels that were actually located in Zion were a bit out of our budget for a weekend getaway. We decided to drive down to Kanab, Utah for our first night.

Zion National Park Road Trip from Las Vegas

3 Day Vegas Road Trip – Day 2

The next morning we decided that Arizona was too close to pass up so we decided to head for The Grand Canyon. We took the 89A because we love back roads. Those big highways might get you there faster but you’ll miss out on some amazing sites and shops along the way. We spotted this amazing mountain range that we had to stop and get a few pictures of.

How to take an Arizona Road Trip

These mountains looked like they were straight out of Disney Pixar’s Cars. The landscape was amazing. We also passed the Navajo Bridge. There were a few vendors on the bridge that were selling handmade wares. We picked up a couple of souvenirs from them.

Arizona Navajo Bridge Road Trip from Las Vegas

The entire road trip is full of amazing scenery and you’ll begin catching glimpses of the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River long before you get to the visitors center. There are several areas to stop and pull over to admire the scenery and landscapes. If you are looking for hiking trails you’ll find plenty of them along the way.

We were a little limited in things we could do when we go to The Grand Canyon because we had our dogs with us. They aren’t allowed on many of the trails or walking paths. So we settled with just walking the South rim. There is a kennel there were you can board you dogs if you want to explore a little further.

How to See the Grand Canyon when Visiting Las Vegas

3 State Road Trip – Day 3

We drove down to Williams, Arizona for a hotel that night. If you have time check out Bearizona. It is a drive through safari park that is a ton of fun. We wanted to make one more stop on the way home, The Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam is something we’ve seen a few times but we still stop by when we are in the area. It was quite a marvel of it’s time. We recommend taking the tour if you want to know more about how it was built and what it does for the city of Las Vegas.

3 Day Weekend Road Trip from Las Vegas to Utah to Arizona

There it is. A 3 day road trip from Las Vegas to Zion National Park to the Grand Canyon and finally Hoover Dam before ending up right back in Las Vegas. This weekend trip is perfect for anyone looking to explore a little bit of the South West and seeing some of the amazing sites we have.

Have you taken this road trip? What did you think? If you have any tips you think we should know for our next road trip let us know in the comments down below.



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  1. we are so doing this trip from the uk on the 6 of march but going for 3 nights 4 days
    what would you recommend for the extra day , were also thinking of staying a zion deluxe campsite
    it looks amazing

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