Best Travel Accessories

We are all about ease of travel. We want our vacations to be as stress-free as possible. These are our 10 favorite budget friendly travel essentials. The 10 items that we never travel without and why they make such a difference for us. All of the items on the list are budget friendly and under $25.

Universal Travel Adapter the perfect travel accessory

10. Universal Travel Adapter
For the international jetsetter this is a must have. With multiple USB outlets you can charge many devices at the same time saving time and money by not having to buy a second adapter. Even better, this universal travel adapter works in pretty much every country. so you can re-use it over and over.

Travel Scale for the Summer vacation

9. Portable Scale
Nothing is worse than going to the airport counter to check a bag, waiting in a line and getting up to the counter only to realize that your bag is over the weight limit. If you frequently check bags you MUST get a portable travel scale. These convenient devices make it easy to weight your bag before you get to the counter and make adjustments if necessary.

Wrinkle Release for traveling

8. Wrinkle Release
When packing clothes, rolling is the method that most use to save the most space but it seems no matter how delicately we roll we still end up with wrinkles in our clothes when we arrive at our destination. That’s where a small, travel-sized bottle of wrinkle release comes in handy. Wrinkle release will keep your clothing looking and smelling fresh with just a few squirts.

Bluetooth Tripod for phone while traveling

7. Phone or Camera Tripod
Depending on where you travel to, there may be times when there is not someone around to take a photo for you. We once did a road trip through the Grand Canyon and stopped at many overlooks on our journey. At most of these stops, we were all alone and had to resort to finding something to prop the camera on to take a photo. Some phone tripods even come with remote shutter buttons making it even easier to take a selfie by yourself.

Portable Power Bank for our vacation

6. Portable Power Bank
We tend to use our phones more when we’re on vacation. We use them for language translators, restaurant reviews, directions and taking photos. So the battery tends to go fast. With a portable power bank we no longer have to stop for 30 minutes to charge the phone. We can just plug it into a power bank and continue about our day while the phone charges in our pockets.

Hidden Travel Pouch

5. Hidden Money Belt
A fanny pack, are you serious? Yes we are. These is probably one of the most important things on the entire list. This thing keeps you save from thieves. When hidden under you clothes thieves can’t pick pocket your wallet. It also comes with built in RFID blocking so your cards and passport are safe from identity thieves too. This money belt is also a super convenient way to carry around your money, cards and phone without the need for a heavy backpack or purse. Bonus! It also doubles as a workout belt to hold your keys and phone while on the track or at the gym.

Cord Organizer - Things I need for traveling abroad

4. Cord Organizer
When traveling we generally bring two phone chargers, two sets of ear buds, a DSLR camera with battery charger, a portable power bank with chargers and sometimes a tablet or laptop charger depending on the trip. The cords can get a bit out of control. That is where a cord organizer comes in handy. Put each cord in it’s place and access it easily when needed.

Lightweight Travel Backpack for easy travel

3. Lightweight Backpack Daypack
It almost doesn’t matter where you’re going you will get some use out of a nice backpack. Walking tour? Use it to carry water and snacks. Going to the beach? Don’t forget your sunscreen and a big floppy hat. Bought too much and don’t know how to get it home? Backpack to the rescue! A lightweight backpack can be folded up and stuffed in your luggage or, if you travel light, used as your main luggage. You will get a lot of use out of this.

Pop Up Laundry hamper to keep the dirty clothes when we're on vacation

2. Pop-up Laundry Hamper
Even when traveling light and only packing clothes for a few days we love having a mesh laundry hamper with us. It folds flat so it takes up little to no room in the luggage. Dirty clothes go in the hamper to be washed later. They are wonderful for carrying to the laundry and keep your room tidy. They even sell them at the dollar store.

Hanging Travel Bag great for toiletries while traveling

1. Hanging toiletry bag
Ditch the old toiletry bags and keep everything neat and organized with a hanging toiletry bag. They can be easily hung from a shower rod or door hook. It holds all of your toiletries, makeup, medication and shaving supplies in one convenient place and keeps everything neat and organized.

What is your must have travel accessory that you absolutely cannot leave home without? Let us know down in the comment below.



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